RMS Skip Hire cares about the rules and regulations of skip hire and the environmental impact of waste. We want to ensure that our customers who hire our skip services are well-informed and make the correct decision about how they dispose of their trash. Sometimes, skip hire is not the best technique to discard your waste; in that case, you need to get in touch with us to learn more about other options.

Like you, we also prefer to avoid paying unnecessary taxes or heavy fines and always look for cost-effective solutions. One way to do it is by following all the rules and regulations so that you or we do not end up paying penalties.

People hire skips for many reasons, as it is convenient and a great way to deal with rubbish and unwanted items. However, there are several rules and regulations that you must follow. You must know the relevant laws and permits that may affect you. If you are hiring a skip and need to learn what rules to follow, this guide will help you get the answers to your queries.

Rules To Follow When Hiring a Skip

Skip Placement

RMS Skip uses reliable skip-hire services. It will help if you are mindful of some specific points when hiring a skip placement is one of them. It would help if you planned where the skip would be placed to avoid a penalty. However, our skips may take up space at your property. So sufficient space is required to park a skip.

To ensure that your skip hires complaints with the rules and regulations set by the UK Government, please follow the below points.

  • Do not block the utility area.
  • Keep the skip minimum of 15 meters away from the junction.
  • Do not restrict access to the driveways.
  • Place yellow lines for the skip parking.

Safety Requirements

Dometic skip hire carries specific safety rules and regulations; failure to comply with these safety rules can result in heavy fines. Please display the name of your skip hire company and their contact details during skip hire. It will help you during emergencies. You will also have to place traffic cones if you plan to keep the skip on the public road. Reflective markings around the edge and nighttime safety lamps are also mandatory for better visibility of the skip.

Skip Licenses

RMS Skip Hire applies for a permit from the council on your behalf to make the process easier for you. Placing a skip on land not owned by you requires you to pay for skip permits. However, in most cases, a license is required.

If you plan to apply for a license personally, please ensure to do it before your skip delivery, as it takes a few days to process. Generally, a skip permit lasts from a day to 4 days and needs to be obtained in advance. Last-minute purchases of a skip permit will cost you extra fees. The Central Government does not regulate skip permits; therefore, the rules vary for each council. While some councils provide online forms, others may ask you to come personally or call them. Similarly, skip-hire costs differ from one council to the other.

Getting a skip licence to dispose of the waste is essential and compulsory. Once you have the skip permit, skip hire Bromley will arrange the correct skip size for your waste management requirements.

Restricted Items

You can only throw some things in the skips. There are categories of waste to be followed when you opt for skip-hire services. Talk to your skip hire company to make a list of restricted items, so you do not end up paying the penalty.

Here are a few items that you are not allowed to put in the skip-

  • Asbestos
  • Electronic items
  • Medical Waste
  • Oils
  • Paints
  • Pesticides Tyres
  • Hazardous liquid

Above mentioned items fall under hazardous objects, which can harm the environment if they are not disposed of properly. They pose a risk to health and need special attention for disposal.

Fly Tipping

The UK economy spends a lot of money on fly-tipping. If you plan to keep your skip on public property, you need to ensure the proper monitoring of it so that fly-tippers do not illegally dump their waste into your skip.

If you plan to keep a skip on your private property, it is difficult for fly-tippers to dump their waste in your skip. We recommend you cover your skip container to prevent fly-tippers from dumping their waste or prohibited items into your skip.


The price for skip hire depends on where you are based in the UK. However, the average price for skip hire is £250. If the skip hire company is organizing skip permits on your behalf, the final cost of skip hire may increase. They may also add a small number of administration fees to your bill.

Safety and Maintenance Obligations

Maintaining safety obligations is the responsibility of the individual in whose name the skip permit has been issued. Please ensure that the waste you dispose of is not hazardous and can be put into a skip. If you keep any hazardous waste in your skip or it is overfilled, your skip hire company will not take it away as it will threaten other road users and pedestrians.

Each local council has different lights and marking rules, so you need to know the safety guidelines of your local council. Leaving the skip for longer than permitted will lead to uninvited problems. So if you change your plan to dispose of your waste, please ensure you have the skip permit for the correct time. You can also extend your skip-hire permit.


We firmly believe that waste management is not only personal but legal, ethical and moral responsibility as it demands the disposal of waste by adhering to rules and regulations set by the UK Government. RMS Skip Hire takes pride in following all the legal aspects of skip-hire services. We understand that everyone hiring skip may need to be aware of all the regulations in depth, so our RMS Skip team is happy to discuss them with you while we work out an economical quote for you. Call us at +44 20 8131 0044 to discuss your skip requirements or visit us online.