Creating a website by yourself can be time-consuming - especially for someone who has never done it before. In turn, ordering a dedicated website created, for example, by an agency, can sometimes be expensive. 

That is why many people decide on an intermediate option: setting up a website based on a ready template. What exactly is a page template? What are the pros of free website templates? This article explains all your page template concerns to help you make the best decision!

Everything You Need To Know About Website Templates

You may come across many names that refer to a website template. The most popular of them include a theme and graphic template. What are ready-to-use templates, where to find them, and how do they differ from a unique website design? You will find all the necessary information below. 

What are website templates?

A website template is a professionally designed website schema that is already programmed by the developer and ready to use. The page template is reflected in the appearance of the site. It consists of various elements that meet the conditions of a good website and additional tools. 

While every professional website template is widely used by website developers most common of them are web design, app development, photography, and event website templates that look and work very well, almost every aspect is customizable. 

This applies not only to the visual layer but even to the established structure of the website, e.g., the number of columns, subpages, etc.

Ready-to-use template vs. website from scratch

When creating a website on our own or commissioning it to an external company, we often face a difficult choice: so Webflow experts can make a website design from zero, inspired by a different page at most, or rely entirely on the template. Both solutions are radically different from each other. Here are the fundamental differences:

Creating a website from scratch

Dedicated website design is characterized by the fact that it is adapted to the strictly defined requirements of a given client. Web developers or agencies are responsible for creating dedicated website designs.

However, before you decide to outsource the design of your website to an external company, it is worth considering the pros and cons of this solution.

Pros of creating a website from scratch

1. Unique design  

Creating from scratch will allow you to implement the entire visual identity of your company. Especially if it is complicated and you want maximum compatibility, you should decide to create a website from scratch. This way, it will be tailored to your brand and your customers.

2. Endurance and speed of action 

If you want to create a new website for your company, and the previous one was visited by several thousand people a day - decide on a dedicated project. Then the website will work much faster and will remain operational even with very increased traffic. If your potential customers were to abandon your website because it is too slow, think about protecting yourself against it now.

3. Modern design 

Templates are made to be usable for at least a few years. With today's volatility of trends, a website created from scratch will always be more modern than the page from the template. The latter can be updated and adapted to current trends, but the website's unique design should guarantee you this from the very beginning.

4. Personalized solution increasing sales 

Experienced specialists will design the website in accordance with UX (User Experience) trends. In other words, they will take care of a good experience for your website users. Navigating the site will be intuitive, simple, and fun for the recipients. A user-friendly website optimized for sale will allow you to attract more customers. 

5. Greater focus on business growth 

A professional web developer will try to understand the nature of your business before starting the design process. An individual website design made following your needs will help you achieve your business goals and stand out from the competition. 

6. Higher technological quality

Team design professionals will ensure that your website is created to the highest standards. The advanced site will load fast enough, and its code will not contain any errors. A high-quality website will not have any problems with positioning.

7. Control over the implementation of the project 

By entrusting the execution of the website project to a specialist, you can discuss your expectations in detail with him. Thanks to this, you are guaranteed that both the appearance and functioning of the website will reflect your brand's mission. As the website owner, you don't depend on anyone, e.g., the server provider. So you can decide on every detail regarding the functioning of your website. 

A website created from a Template

With a template, creating a page is much faster and easier. First, you choose the site variant that suits your needs. Then you can modify the template's appearance (graphic design) and apply any changes to its layout (e.g., the number of columns, sections, or subpages). 

You select the sections you want to stay in and the items you want to get rid of, then replace the photos and content. Only the website concept remains unchanged. 

Pros of creating a website from a template

1. A small investment in the beginning 

A website on a template is an ideal solution for new entrepreneurs. If you are at the beginning of developing your own business and you do not want to overuse your budget from the start, a ready-made website template will be an excellent option for you. This solution is much cheaper than commissioning a website from scratch. 

2. Save time

Building a complete website on a ready-made template takes a little time. If you already have a vision of your website's appearance, you can prepare it even in a few days. The ready template will be the perfect solution if you want to implement the website as quickly as possible.

3. You don't need to hire a developer 

Thanks to ready-made templates, you don't need to hire a developer to enjoy a smooth website! The website templates already have the code ready, and you don't have to interfere with it. So you get the opportunity to publish your website yourself. What's more, you'll be able to get started with your complete website in just a few moments. 

4. Easy editing

Based on a ready template, you can simply create your website. You can modify and replace any elements without the need to design them from scratch in complicated graphic programs. Even without being a trained graphic designer, you can easily create an excellent website compliant with current standards.

5. Thought-out design

Do you think that you need graphic skills or an innate sense of aesthetics to create a beautiful website? Nothing could be more wrong! Ready-made templates are created by professionals who follow the latest design trends. So you don't have to worry that your website will be unreadable or unattractive to users. 

6. Large selection of designs

A massive selection of themes is a definite plus for template-based websites. By browsing through the many pattern proposals, you can choose the template that best suits your industry.

7. Basic SEO Optimization

Basic SEO optimization is provided with most template-based pages. Professional template creators take care of correct HTML code, thanks to which your website will be visible in search engines. On a website based on a template, you can also easily perform basic positioning activities yourself, e.g., entering your meta titles and meta descriptions.